Local Real Estate Getting Pre-Approved You want to make sure you not only get a home when you are ready to purchase one, but once you get an offer accepted you also want to make sure you’re able to close escrow. So before you start, you want to get pre-approved! Hi, I’m Maya Crelan Ray with David Lyng Real estate, […]
Uncategorized National Market Update – April 2022 If you bought your home more than 2 years ago, you have been gaining equity at a rate over 3 times what was predicted. Check out this graph showing percent year over year price increases by month, going all the way back to January 2021 when we saw a 10% home price appreciation. According to […]
Uncategorized Santa Cruz Market Update – April 2022 So what’s happening here in our Santa Cruz Real Estate Market. Everyone wants to know. Are we seeing a housing bubble, and what should I do with my home? It can be so confusing with all the headlines, what the best choice to make is for your family. I totally understand, I’ve been an agent […]
Uncategorized An Overview Of The California 2021 Real Estate Market So what happened in real estate in 2021?! Well, here’s an overview of the California real estate market for 2021. Prices went up over 11% in 2020 and the forecast was that values and prices would only increase by 6.8%, but the actual increase was 20.3% this year. Hi, I’m Maya Crelan Ray with David […]
Local Real Estate Understanding Prop 19
Local Real Estate Santa Cruz Real Estate 🏡 – It’s A Competitive Sellers Market!
Local Real Estate Will Forbearances Cause The Santa Cruz Real Estate 🏡 Market To Crash 💥 ?  
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