Local Real Estate February 10, 2023

Santa Cruz Real Estate Market Update – September 2022

Have the negative headlines kept you from entering the real estate market here in Santa Cruz? Nervous about buying or selling your home because you are unsure what’s coming in the market? I am here to break down what’s happening in the real estate market here in Santa Cruz so that you can make the best decision when it comes to probably one of your largest assets which of course is your home. Let’s take a look at what’s happening in Santa Cruz as a whole. At the time of this recording, there are 67 active single family home listings,18 homes pending, and 44 homes were sold in the last 30 days. Homes sold for an average of $1,300,000 and were on
the market an average of 18 days, On the Westside of Santa Cruz (95060), we have 13 active homes on the market with 8 pending and 13 sold in the last month. The average sale price was $2,032,500 after spending 19 days on the market. With the changing market, it is no surprise that homes are staying on the market a bit longer. With the constant shifts, you need an experienced agent to help guide you navigate through your next moves in real estate. Connect with me today to get more information and we can strategize about what to do with your home. I’m Maya Crelan Ray with David Lyng Real Estate and as always, I hope you have a great day.