Local Real Estate โ€ข September 30, 2022

Buying A Home ๐Ÿ  In A Competitive Market

Buying A Home In A Competitive Market. It goes without saying that we are a competitive market right now and getting your offer accepted is really difficult. Hi, I’m Maya Crelan Ray with David Lyng Real Estate and I have 3 pieces of advice for you if you are looking to buy a home in this market. 1. Get pre-approved. Agents will not want to take you on as a client if you are not pre-approved, and there is no way your offer will be accepted if you are not. Get this out of the way NOW to avoid future headache. 2. Make them an offer they canโ€™t refuse. Put in your best price, the list price is just a starting point for negotiation and in this market, it can sometime be almost obsolete. Saving on the asking price can cost you in the long run. Make a sizable deposit to catch the sellers attention and be flexible with closing. Remember, they are a buyer now too and being flexible with closing can make them more likely to take your offer. 3. Show up! This is not an easy market to buy in and there is no guarantee that your offer will be accepted. Keep showing up, keep looking, and keep putting in offers! Ask your agent to go the extra mile to make you stand out and make sure they have a direct conversation with the listing agent about your offer. I hope these tips help and if you want more information on buying a home, please feel free to reach out with any questions large or small. I wish you luck on your next offer and I hope you have a great day.